A GroBucket is a self watering plant container system made from a standard 4, 5, or 6 gallon bucket. The GroBucket insert is placed in a bucket where it creates a water reservoir in the bottom.  A 1 1/4″ PCV pipe is then fitted to the insert to create a channel for water and air to get to the insert.  The GroBucket Float Stick is placed in the pipe to indicate the level of water in the reservoir.   This system creates the ideal growing conditions for just about any plant.  The water reservoir keeps the plant watered from the bottom which is a healthier way to water most plants.  An air gap is maintained under the roots to allow oxygen to the root system to maintain a vibrant healthy root system.

If you don’t like the bucket look, no worries, with a little spray paint they can be transformed in to beautiful decorative planter that rival the most expensive designer pots.  Ribbon, Fabric, or even sticker can also be added to customize the look.   Put your favorite sports team or your school logo to show your support.  Mulch can also help dress up a GroBucket.  Many different types of gravel or wood mulch can be placed on top of the soil to enhance the look and it helps keep the top soil from drying out.


GroBucket Diagram | GrowBucket

Growing in buckets is nothing new, you may have seen similar systems on line under various names like Grow Buckets, Earth Buckets, or Global Buckets.  These were more DIY systems made by heavily modifying buckets.  The GroBucket is an engineered system design to be easy to assemble, low maintenance, and decorative.