Introduction to the GroBucket

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What is a GrowBucket?
A GroBucket is a method of container gardening where a standard 4, 5, or 6 gallon bucket is converted into an incredible self watering growing container by placing the one piece GroBucket Insert at the bottom of a bucket and installing a section of 1 1/4″ PCV pipe. Soil or soilless growing mix is then added and then the plant.  Water is then added through the pipe to fill up the 1 gallon reservoir that is created at the bottom of the bucket by the insert.  The water in the reservoir wets the lower soil and the wicking action pulls the water up.   It is best to water through the soil on the first watering.   A GroBucket float stick is then placed in the pipe to indicate how much water is in the reservoir.  The frequency of watering is dependent on the type of plant and the weather.  In the summer, a large tomato plant may need to be watered every other day while an small herb plant may go several weeks without needing the reservoir filled.

Why buckets? 
The answer is that buckets are the ideal size to grow just about anything that can be grown in a traditional garden from herbs to vegetables and even small fruit trees.  They are designed specifically for the human body to pick up and move.  They are stackable, durable, and best of all very inexpensive.  The only modification needed is to drill a 5/16″ hole 4″ up from the bottom of the bucket to allow excess water to drain.  Containers, especially those the size of a bucket, can be quite expensive and if you want more than a couple, it can be quite an investment and they still don’t address the watering issues.

Why would I want to use Ugly Buckets!
Not everyone appreciates the look of a bucket, but there is good news.  Buckets can easily be dressed up.  By simple removing the handle and spray painting them, they can fit in with the most expensive containers out there.  Some people make burlap covers, add ribbons to them, or put sticker of their favorite sports team on them.

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  1. Great, where do you get them?

  2. Hello I like your idea and want to donate. I know the delivery date is not until June 17th is there any way that that could be sped up so I could get it for this year? Thank you

  3. carl reaves

    were can you buy grobucket

  4. Now that the kickstarter is over, is there any way to give you money in exchange for these things?

  5. Scott B

    I have notice that I missed the Kickstarter campaign, was wondering if these will go on sale anytkme soon? I work @ Potbelly Sandwich Work’s and I get free 6 gallon pickle buckets all the time. Just wondering how I can get my hands on this awesome system. And thank to Luke at MIgardener I’d like to try them out.


    Transaction date: 06/12/2017 KICKSTARTER.COM 9292244943 NY $90.00

    • egraffius

      We found the problem, you never filled out your Kickstarter survey so we had no address to ship the units to, but we finally connected with you and your order has been shipped out. Hope you enjoy!

  7. It is now after Aug. 19th so where are they available now?

  8. Cheryl Green


    What an excellent idea. I am truly interested in purchasing your GroBucket kit. Where can I purchase your product, or when will they be available for purchase? Looking forward to your response. Thank you.

  9. Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find out some additional information.

  10. Can I still order grobuckets? How?

    I’d like to get about 10 or so to start a fall container in Texas.

    Learned about your product from MIgardener’s YouTube channel.

  11. Cheryl G.

    When will the grobuck be available for purchase? I am so interested in purchasing at least 3 of your product for my containers. Looking forward to your response.

  12. Cheryl G.

    Hello, I am interested in purchasing your grobucket. When will they be available for purchase? I have written several times requesting information on purchasing these grobucket but have not received any response. When is your next projected date for availability? Looking forward to your response. Thanks.

  13. Donna (Bowray) Wray

    Where can I order some? I watched Migardener’s review on YouTube and I’ve obviously missed your kickstarter campaign. I looked on Amazon but do not see anything listed. Please let me know as I am a Hot Pepper gardener and am looking to get my plants started earlier this season