Beyond the Bucket

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We are pleased to announce we are expanding our gardening scope beyond the bucket to a whole family of low-tech gardening products. Our new brand is “GroTech Garden Products.” We’re enlarging our scope to better serve your needs and requests of our GroCommunity. We’re utilizing the same self-watering device you love in the GroBucket into a hanging basket version called GroFern as well as one that turns decorative planters into self-watering container gardens–the GroBuddy. These devices are close to completion and about to hit the market for sale on Amazon.

We’ve created a new website to showcase all these new and exciting products, so please visit and follow us on Instagram at @GroTechGarden. We will be sure to let you know when we will fully transition this site over to the GroTech Garden website, so you’ll be sure to stay informed. Thank you.