After many years of trying different gardening concepts inventor Brian Graffius decided that there has got to be a better way.  Many methods were tried such as traditional row gardening, square foot gardening, double dig gardening, no dig mulch gardening, aquaponics, and even container gardening with self watering systems.  It is not that any of the system were bad, they all have their place, but as the world population grows many people find they do not have the space and time for traditional gardening.  He thought there has to be a way to grow the same things as one would grow in a traditional garden in a container garden even if one has no land at all.  The obvious choice was container gardening, but there was one major problem.  It is very difficult to keep containers watered, especially in the hot Georgia sun he was growing in.


Masanobu Fukuoka a Japanese farmer and author who penned the book “The One Straw Revolution” explored a method of farming that required no machines, no chemicals, and almost no weeding.